Monday, March 26, 2007

Urban A. Ellis, Director of the STOP Program (Students and Teachers Organized with Parents Against Guns, Violence, and Drugs)

Our goal is to reduce the involvement that young people have with guns, violence, and drugs through our STOP Program.

Our objective is to help students learn to STOP and think of the negative effects that involvement with guns, violence and drugs can have, and provide creative activites for students so they can develop their own talants toward a better education.

We have after school music programs where children learn to read music and play drums, piano and trumpet. One of our students was accepted into Juilliard School of Music.

We have a journalism program where children learn to write articles in their own newsletter the "Marble Hill Voice". They write about things that concern them, and assignments that
we gived them, such as: "School Violence", "My Space Safty".

The STOP Program at the Marble Hill Community center is ongoing sence September, 2002 where we provide students ages 7 to 13 with a better understanding and a perpous in life.

Thank you.